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About Roulette


The game

Roulette is played on a game table (tableau), which is printed with numbers and betting possibilities. To do this you need the roulette wheel with all 37 compartments, a ball and chips with which the players can bet. Roulette is distinguished between American and French roulette. The only difference is that the American roulette next to the “0” (Zero) is still a “00” (double zero). This merely has the effect of increasing the gambling profitability of the game bank.


The gameplay

The goal of the game is to put on the right number of the next round (coup). Players can place their bets as soon as the Dealer: “Faites vos jeux!” (“Place your bets!”). This is also possible when the roulette wheel is already turning. As soon as the dealer announces: “Rien ne va plus.” (Or in the English “No more bets.”), No further bet may be placed. One waits until the ball lands on one of the 37 numbers. Subsequently, the lost bets are collected and the bets won are paid out.


Betting opportunities

We have different roulette bets to place bets. Below you will find the most important applications.

Set to a number (Plein)


This bet is placed directly on a number. The chance that this number falls exactly is 1:37. The prize is paid 1: 35 times. That means you get paid 35 times the bet placed.

Payout ratio 35: 1


Simple Opportunities “50% Opportunities Fields”


The payout is 1: 1. You get a double the profit of your stake. This applies to the red / black, straight / odd and 1-18 and 19-36 placement fields. With all these fields, you have an almost “50 percent” profit chance.

Payout ratio 1: 1


Third chances


With this bet you have always covered 12 numbers. If you win, you always get the triple of your bets. One-third chances are all dozens, and all the columns chances.

Payout ratio 2: 1


Cheval (split)


Here you bet on two numbers at the same time (put between the numbers).

Payout ratio 17: 1.


Transversal plein (street)


Here you bet on three numbers at the same time (at the margin of the outstanding number). With a profit you get the 11-fold paid out.

Payout ratio 11: 1

Carrè (corner)


In the “corner”, you bet on four numbers at the same time. Payout ratio 8: 1.

Transversal simple (six line)


In the case of the “transversal simple”, two transverse rows arranged next to each other, ie, a total of 6 fields are set.

Payout ratio 5: 1.

Winning Casino

The profitability of the casino is exactly at the 37th number, thus at the zero. This is a 2.7% chance. In American roulette, the Zero is also offered a double zero. This means the profit chance of the casino increases to 5.2%. For this reason it is advisable to always choose French Roulette.


Online live roulette

The croupier spins the wheel and  the croupier spins the ball. The speed and  the moment to release the ball decide on which number the ball lands: you can’t influence that. But there are many things you can influence.

  1. how much you wager, a small, medium or large bet?
  2. this spin or the next: that is the question?
  3. what is your bankroll, how many chances do you buy to win the spin?
  4. what is your goal in playing?
  5. sound on sound of?
  6. chat with the croupier or not?
  7. where are you during play?
  8. can you be disturbed?
  9. inside or outside bets?
  10. inside and outside bets?

For me it means that I want to be on this site of the table. Although I applied once on a job as croupier and very happy on the other site, the site of the player. I have the Players Edge: all the choices that make the profit out of the game.