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Make a good start. It’s fun to play. Easy to understand but a little bit harder to master.

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Use a strategy that fits your bankroll and your goals. There are a lot of different strategies with their own pro’s and con’s. 

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In the beginning of your roulette journey you may have to invest a couple of times. But if you play like an entrepreneur those investment will pay out.

What do you think has the most impact on win or loose at roulette?

The Roulette Strategy?

Playing Roulette is a bit of a challenge.  Which strategy helps you to play with profit? Check the stategy pages

Your Bankroll?

A big bankroll buys you chances. But you don’t need to play big to win a session. Is time your friend or your enemy? Be patient, check the bankroll page.


Do your emotions take over? Did you loose your head and your money during the game? Take responsibility. It’s up to you. What qualities do you need as a player? Check it here.