Imagine you want to play in the live roulette game in an online casino. You are new in the casino get a welcome bonus of € 100,-.

You play half hour with € 5 bets and gain € 100,-. You call it a day and want to surprise your friend with a dinner. In order to do that you want to collect your winnings.

But there is a catch . Let’s look at the Terms and Conditions. In this example the Terms and Conditions are from 888Casino:

“Bonuses and any winning derived from a bonus may be withdrawn only after an amount totaling no less than 30 (thirty) times the initial bonus amount received has been wagered”.

“For example, to withdraw each bonus of € 100 and any related winnings, a member needs to wager € 3000 and the entire bonus criteria must be fulfilled.”

“All versions of Live Casino games contribute 10% to the wagering contributions.”

Let’s do the math: The bonus is € 100,- . Bonuses must be wagered 30 times so 30 x 100 = 3000. Only 10% contribute to the wagering conditions so you have the wager € 30.000,- before you take anyone to dinner with your winnings of € 100,-

This is the reason why I don’t play with bonuses. Your money is held hostage. And around the time you have wagered € 30.000,- a big chance that your money is vaporized like snow in the sun.

If you don’t play with the bonus you can take your friend to dinner without the risk to play till your bankroll is gone. And besides, who needs a bonus if you’re winning?

What do you think? Bonus or No Bonus? How is that working for you? Let us know, leave a the reply.

Play Without Bonus