Numerous other casino websites currently offer casino rankings. These charts are almost always developed by the affiliates themselves and prone to bias. At Roulette-Masters we were searching for an objective way to rank online casino’s. Our goal: giving online casino players a short cut to a good choice based on reliable, real-time data. And fortunately we didn’t have to re-invent the wheel. The wheel was taken care off. AskGamblers did that already. They developed CasinoRank.

Casino listing system

CasinoRank is a casino listing system. Online casinos are ranked with a computerized algorithm. CasinoRank is the first casino listing system that is able to generate an entire list using objective data. Its focus is on real information instead of affiliate-casino relations. CasinoRank will allow players to choose online casinos intelligently and quickly.

Players consider many factors before choosing an online casino. However, not all factors are of equal importance. Most players consider payout times and support responsiveness to be most essential. Other, less important factors are Flash capability, multi-language access, and number of banking methods.

Casino complaint service

AskGamblers has also implemented their casino complaint service into CasinoRank. By acting as a mediator, AskGamblers gets firsthand information about the behavior of hundreds of online casinos. CasinoRank considers both volume and outcome of all complaints to determine the quality of all listed casinos.

We are thrilled that AskGamblers gave Roulette Masters permission to use CasinoRank. In our Casino’s -page we have selected the best casino’s to play online live roulette.

At Roulette-Masters we believe in working together. What you think is the competition, might be the next partner in a joint-venture. So if you ever need a mediator for your casino complaint, visit AskGamblers

And at Roulette-Masters we keep working to improve our skills in roulette, help you find the perfect game (with a ranking that can’t be bought) and help you to be the Master.