I’m always looking for ways to improve my game. Developing a playing system helps me to improve my game.

It’s not a betting system, it’s a playing system. The way you play.

Athletes warm-up before they enter the track.

Singers stretch their vocal cords before they sing.

Gamblers throw their money on the table.

Not me.

No, not me.

I don’t call myself a gambler. I’m a player. I play to be better, to improve my skills.

That’s the fun, that’s the challenge. The money is a side issue.

Is there any skill in playing Roulette?

Sure there is!

What do I do to improve?

To keep track at what I’m doing, I use play sheets of my own design.

I fill in the blanks: Date, Start, Bankroll, Target, Intention.

The intention reminds me what is my intention for that session. Mostly Low risk.

I set my win goal.

I set my loss limit. It has two stages: first 500, if lost another 1000.

I chart the tables.

I decide on what strategies I want to play. I choose a strategy based on what happens on the wheel.

The betting series are predetermined.

After I’ve ended the session I fill in the End(time), Result and Risk Intelligence.

Risk Intelligence tells you after nine times red, bet on red. It can take 19 times before black shows up.

The play sheets are to keep track on the bets. Often I play with a progression, and I don’t mind losing a bet, a long as I have sufficient money to place the next bet. So I need to know the progression and the play sheet is a great help.

When you are in stress you make bad decisions. So I try to be relaxed.

Often you haven’t much time to make up your mind and it’s depending on the kind of table and kind of bets you play.

Sometimes I like fast tables, sometimes I need slow tables. Playing red high, red low, black high, black low, I’m making 9 bets in one playing round.

Mrs Roulette Master is part of my system. On a regular base I let her see my deposits and withdrawals. Somebody has to stay on top of these things. And Mrs Roulette Masters likes to stay on top.

I play alone. That’s better to concentrate.

I don’t like the sound of the ball bouncing on the roulette wheel so the sound is off.

No alcohol, just tea or water.

My next improvement will be a new chair the Eames Classic in white leader. Oh yeah.

Can’t wait to sit on that.

Don’t sit on your money, just play!

I would like to know: What is your routine when playing?

Let’s me know in the comment box below.

Who needs luck when you can improve your game.