If I have the choice, and we all have the choice, between owning a casino or be the player at the casino,

I choose to be the player.

I respect the owners of the fair casino’s very much.

Although casino’s exploited certain advantages, their revenue model is based on that, you have always the choice of playing or not.

The long term advantage to the casino or ‘House’ is called the House Edge.

Shortly said, the house edge is a percentage of the bet that goes to the house.

In roulette, the wheel has 37 pockets, with numbers from Zero to 36

In this example there are 37 players and they place a one dollar chip on every number.

If the bal is landing on your number, you win and 36 people lose.

You don’t get paid for all the other 36 numbers, the payout is 1:35. The payout shout be 1:36. The difference is 1 in 37.

That is the House Edge and in roulette it’s 1/37 =  2,7 %. This means that from every dollar you bet, 2,7 cent go to the casino.

The House Edge is symbolised by the Zero. It a symbol because you can win with the zero as much as every other number,

Does the House Edge stop me from winning?

No it doesn’t.

Play with profit? I believe you can.

And I will show you, you can!

Not with a system, but with a strategy.

You adjust your strategie to what is happening on the wheel.

That is the real challenge: dealing with the variance of outcomes.

Not on the table but on the wheel.

When you are able to choose the best strategie on what is happening on the wheel you have the Players Edge.

‘The ball has no memory’ is being said.

If I remember well: I ‘m playing with profit for 5 month in a row now.

And I like my game as random as possible.

As I mentioned before succes isn’t a straight line. And the ball makes patterns.

If you are able to adjust your strategy on what is happening, you play with a profit.

To me and Mrs Roulette-Masters House Edge means something completely different.

Mrs. Roulette-Master and me are looking to buy a house. We both have our own house.

Sell 2 buy 1. Great long term advantage.

That is our House Edge.

The House Edge is not what makes the profit for casino’s.

My question for you this month: What do casino’s exploit?

And keep in mind: when you respect the casino, the casino respects you!