Where do you think I hooked up with Mrs. Roulette-Masters?

In an online dating casino of course.

And luck has nothing to do with it.

And how did I know she’s a keeper?

In the very exiting on-going proces of getting to know her.

That’s a beautiful journey.

I learned something about her skin this week.

Very nice! A natural beauty!

Where do you think I looked for an online casino?

Online of course.

At first I didn’t know what to expect. Spin Palace was the first online casino where I played.

What did I learn? Never ever to play with a bonus because of the waggering conditions.

And I like fast payouts.

At the time they had a two day waiting period before the payout.

I never understood that.

For my protection…..?

I played in different online casino’s and the one’s I like most are the one’s who use Evolution Gaming.

My personal favourite is Immersive Roulette.

Our casino page makes it easy to select your favourite casino.

Roulette Succes is Strategy x bankroll divided by Risk Intelligence.

Some features make it easier to apply the strategy, for instance lower or higher table limits.

I don’t play tabels with a limit from 5 to 400 online.

That’s one of the great advantages from playing online.

The limits are much more to my liking: 1 to 4,000 euro.

There are different reasons why I like Evolution Gaming:

  1. Great choice in different tables, most choices in tables
  2. Good croupiers
  3. Neighbours up to 8 on each site. One of my favourite bets is Left Wheel + Zero or Right Wheel + Zero
  4. Favourite & special bets. Some bets are hard to place in the limited time between spins. To be able to save your favourite bets is great:  Black High (9 units) Red Low (9 units) Red High (9 units) Black Low (9 units) This pre-set bets are easy to combine.
  5. They change the direction of the wheel after every spin and that’s the way it should be played. I like my roulette as random as possible.
  6. Good features with the statistics
  7. Fast tables, and slow tables
  8. They have real tables in real casinos

What I would liked in online casino’s is that the wallet on your account is yours so that the casino doesn’t have to approve your withdrawal.

That is something for the future.

In the meanwhile I’m getting to know Mrs Roulette Masters a bit better.

What is your favorite casino and why do you like it so much?

Let me know & stay tuned!