Lose to win

What happened?

5 spins and I was gone.

Gone in 300 seconds.

I was playing, my profit at that time was € 249. Nothing seemed to be the problem.

And yet, I lost it.

Losing isn’t a problem.

Losing and learn nothing from it, that’s a problem.

You lose to win.

To be a better player next time.

And even a better player the time after the next time.

In the same way you want to be a better lover the next time you make love.

(I’m gonna ask mrs. Roulette Masters if she feels the same way)

So what happend?

What I didn’t do was to set a win goal for that session.

What I also didn’t do was to cash in on the previous sessions.

I bet on the wrong horse.

I was chasing orphelins.

My profit was disappearing as snow for the sun.

The last bets I played where 4 bets of 126 each.

I didn’t hit.

Bloody hell. Did I feel stupid.

It was the 20th of December. I had only 10 days to reach my win goal for December.

And my initial bankroll of € 500 was gone.

What could I learn from this session?

What irritates me the most is the time lost playing with a negative result.

I had to come up with a plan to turn this around.

If I don’t apply my own rules who will?

And the rules are there to protect me.

I took me a day to figger it out.

There must be a better way to spread my chances.

15 times not winning in the orphelins means that the voisins or tier is winning.

So its better to use the orphelins as back up bet than a bet with the main focus.

Goal 10 sessions with € 100 wingoal is do-able.

Take a break. Don’t let the game suck you in.

I learned that a profit of aproximatly € 200 a day is possible with my game.

I learned to adjust my strategy.

I learned to take a break.

And I did reach my win goal of € 449 this month.


  • LAST MONTH: € 449
  • THIS MONTH:  449
  • LAST 12 MONTHS (start August 2017): € 2243

In 5 month’s I did reach my win goal. What will be the win goal for 2018?

It’s time to set new goals.

What is your goal this year playing roulette?