Totally wrong title: Play Roulette Like an Entrepreneur.

A casino would say:

Play roulette like a hobby

(and we all know that hobbies cost money)


Play and have Fun

(and we all know Fun cost money)

I agree with the casino that gambling is not to compensate debts (you probably have a problem in organizing a decent bankroll)

And if you play for an steady income the casino can throw you out without asking. They can do that any moment they want and according to the terms and conditions they don’t have to tell you why.

But don’t get me wrong. I like online casino’s, I love live roulette. The good one’s.

And there are more than enough good one’s.

You won’t find rogue casino’s on

Back to the title: Play Like an Entrepreneur.

I’m a Entrepreneur so I play like an Entrepreneur.

I wrote about it in About me. I also wrote about it in my e-book

An Enterpreneur wants a return on investment.

You have three kind of players and only one plays like an Entrepreneur.

The idea of an expert gambler seems odd to some people, surely gambling is a matter of luck they say.

But that is not true.

Is roulette a game of pure change? Is their room for expertise?

Does it offer the opportunity to exercise skill and expertise?

It’s the ability to earn money, to earn a profit from gambling that sets the expert gamblers apart from the problem gamblers and the leisure gamblers.

Skill and expertise solve the problem.

What is the definition of an Entrepreneur?

An Entrepreneur solves a problem and gets money in return.

In roulette you make money with good money management.

As a gambler you don’t come up with solutions for a problem in return for money.

Casino’s can only exist if there are people willing to play.

And I am a player.

I play the game.


And I’m winning.

A casino needs winners.

Without them the casino wouldn’t exist.

As a matter of fact I ‘m solving a problem: a casino needs winners.

I’m a winner.



I wonder: What kind of player are you?

Please leave a message in the comment box below.

And remember this quote from Napoleon Hill:

Whatever the Mind Can Conceive and Believe the Mind Can Achieve

(regardless of how many times you failed in the past)

Stay Tuned