In my  love life, there is no such thing as a sure thing.

Each time I have to make sure I don’t make stupid remarks about Mrs. Roulette Masters haircut,

make sure I’m clean and fresh smelling so that I don’t  give no reason for rejection.

And with those things I don’t improve my odds.

It simply keeps me into the game.

On a friday I had an appointment with Mrs. Roulette Masters at nine p.m.

Instead I called her at the office and offered to give her a ride home after her job was done.

She thought it was a nice surprise.

Improve the odds

In the car we talked a bit.

I suggested a theaterplay with dinner.

She was pleasantly surprised and that for a woman who don’t likes surprises.

And now to come to the heart of the matter.

It was full summer, warm and before we went to the theater I showed her my improved bedroom.

I was full daylight and the neighbourhood had a good sight through my bedroomwindow so I closed the curtains to improve my chances.

As a matter of fact, I don’t care I somebody caught us in the act, but I was pretty dammed sure that Mrs. Roulette Masters was not even going to kiss me at broad daylight with an open window.

So closing the curtains did improve my odds.

You might think what has this to do with roulette.

In roulette there is also no such thing as a sure thing.

I don’t know of a system in roulette that delivers a profit in any circumstance.

I’m sometimes surprised what the wheel throws at me and its good to enjoy the surprise even if you don’t win.

But you can improve your odds.

Between system or strategy, I choose strategy.

In seeing a spin as a part of a sequel and have a strategy that takes in account that if you don’t win this spin you know what to do in the next.

And I don’t mean the Martingale.

For example when you play the Tier section of the wheel. Your sequence can be something like this:

Spin Bet Payout Win
1 6 18 12
2 6 18 6
3 12 36 12
4 18 54 12
5 30 90 18
6 42 126 12

Total bet is 114. You can take it even further with a bigger bankroll. As long as you end with a win.

And you don’t make this bet in the dark.

You watch the trend before you apply this strategy.

And remember in sex and roulette there is no such thing as a sure thing.

And I asked Mrs. Roulette Masters afterwards:  would you have me in broad daylight?

She answered with a smile: ‘If you didn’t close the curtains, I would have done it!’

There is a sure thing!

And now you know what: in a casino there is no daylight.

Why would that be?

That’s the advantage of an online casino.

You are the master of your own window.

Please comment in the box below.

Where do you stand? System or strategy?

What works for you?