Welcome to my September 2017 Monthly Roulette Report. Thanks for checking it out!

Each month, I write a report about my online roulette adventures, including what I’ve been up to, the lessons I’ve learned, and, of course, the money I’ve earned online. This is the start of My Monthly Roulette Report.

If this is your first time at Roulette Masters, thanks for being here. The Roulette Report is built to serve others by experimenting with my own trials and errors. Sometimes the roulette experiments I try work well, and occasionally they don’t. But each time there’s a lesson involved that I can pass on to you so you can have better insight and knowledge moving forward with your playing experience.

This time I was doing allright. Until Kroon decided to give me a bonus for my birthday. It was €10, but what happend had much more impact than €10. The amount I wagered was drawn of the amount the was available for withdrawal. So my money was held hostage. With my legal experience I read about the bonus in the Terms and Conditions.

12.4 When you claim a Bonus, your real money, the Bonus and all winnings generated from them will remain as Bonus money and may not be withdrawn or wagered on other products until wagering requirements are met.

I did NOT claim a bonus so I contacted Kroon Support and after I told them very politely ‘Thanks, but no thanks’, they kindly suggested to remove the bonus. And so they did.


  • LAST MONTH: 449
  • THIS MONTH: 447
  • LAST 12 MONTHS (start august 2017): 896

Strategies I used this month are the mazzelTOV, the Master Martingale and the Sledgehammer. In my upcoming blogs about strategies  I explain the strategies in detail.

I normally play with a bankroll of € 500.

What is your bankroll?

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