Ever jumped from one moving train to another?

I never did, and probably never will.

But that is the problem when you play a negative progression.

You are on a moving train and jumping doesn’t seem a good idea,

untill you inevitably esthablish that your bankroll disappeared in thin air.

And I think: If I only jumped.

It’s no use crying over spilled milk, money or trains.

It takes time, effort and desire to improve on things you’ve already tried.

I analyse what happens & learn from it.


Look at your results in an entire month. Are you a profit player?

Check your deposit and withdrawals.

If you don’t mind losing, fine,

but I DO!

What in a session can make or break you?



Risk Intelligence.

They carry the brotherhood of profit

Sometimes Risk Intelligence demands that I play counter-intuitive.

That I need to practice a bit more.

I have an All In-mentality.

I will play my bankroll to the very end and in the case I loose a sesssion

It. Must. Come. Back.


I raise the stakes.

It’s a risk for the unexperienced player but not for the more experienced one.

Sometimes I think making money is hard,

moretimes I think making money is easy.

I keep working on my mindset and create habits that support me.

For me it means that I hardly ever play at home anymore.

I play in my downtown studio.

With a heavy bag and mma-gloves.

Hitting the heavy bag is a great workout.

The less tension when I play, the better the result.

And the good news this month

Mrs. Roulette-Masters wants to make money with roulette.

When I first took her to the casino she played her date of birth.

It takes time, effort and desire to improve on things you’ve already tried.

And she is willing to make the effort.

Win or lose, I love her to death.

And at least once a month I let her check my deposits and withdrawals.

Playing online-roulette is about sharing what you are doing with the ones you love.

They are your lifeguard.

And when you have taken care of that you can jump the train,

and enjoy that short moment of not knowing what’s gonna happen.


  • LAST MONTH: € 34
  • THIS MONTH: € 449
  • LAST 12 MONTHS (start August 2017): € 2726