This month I paid the casino.

And the casino paid me back.

I decided to do things different.

Play at another online casino.

Play at a table that brought me fortune in the past.

The past is not equal to the future.

I paid for that lesson.

And I walked away for a day or two.

I recently attended a TEDxTalk and the key message was:

In life you don’t get what you want,

you get who you are.

And I translated that to roulette:

At Roulette the wheel doesn’t give you what you want,

you get who you are.

The real game of roulette is to deal with what happens.

What do you take away from it?

Who are you?

How do you deal with what happens?

So, how that for me?

I’m interested in improving.

Improving 1% a day makes a huge difference over time.

I like a challenge.

The game of roulette isn’t good or bad it’s how YOU deal with it,

that makes the result supportive or non-supportive.

Odysseus wanted to hear the Sirenes sing.

So he let himself tie to the mast and his crew had wax in their ears.

Odysseus was smart to take precautions not to get carried away.

Sometimes I get carried away.

And I lose.

If I lose it’s not that the ball fell on a wrong number,

it is because of my poor choice of the betselection, my impatience, my greed, my lack of discipline.

At the 22th of January, I was € 1400 down.

I had till the 31th of January to improve.

I made a new play sheet so I can see much better what’s happening.

I’m designing a new strategy.

Strategy design is what makes roulette such a fun game.

I had a win goal of € 100 for each session.

In the long run we are all dead but in the short run we CAN make a profit.

I decided that at the end of the month I woundn’t have a loss.

The result: a profit of € 34 and a lot of lessons learned.

In the Monthly Roulette Report December 2017 I asked the question: what is your goal?

My goal for 2018 is to have  a 5 figure profit.

I like challenges.

Even more if people say I can’t be done.

Stay tuned, I’ll keep you posted 😉

A last lesson from the TEDxTalk:

In life you go for certainty or growth.

When you choose certainty you don’t have both.


  • LAST MONTH: € 449
  • THIS MONTH: € 34
  • LAST 12 MONTHS (start August 2017): € 2277